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Malaysia: Best Place In Putrajaya (Tempat Menarik Sekitar Putrajaya)

Entri kali ini akan memaparkan tempat-tempat menarik sekitar Putrajaya, Malaysia.
Khas kepada yang ingin melancong sekitar Putrajaya dan tercari-cari tempat menarik sekitarnya.
So,lets check out



The Putrajaya wetlands is also the first man-made wetland in Malaysia. The Wetland Park includes the Wetland Park (138 hectares) and the wetland areas (1977 hectares).
The Wetland has an 18 metre lookout tower, plant nursery, nature trails, flamingo pond, picnic areas as well as other interesting attractions.


Souq is a Persian word that means a street of small stalls.
The Souq at the lower level of Masjid Putra in Putrajaya, recreates the exotic atmosphere and retailing splendour of a world famous market bazaar.
With more than 50 stalls offering food items (Turkish dates, home-made jam, nuts and pickles), fashion and accessories, gifts, handicrafts and souvenirs of Putrajaya.


Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) is the main convention centre in Putrajaya.
The first thing one notices is its unique shaped rooftop. It is designed in the shape of a silver Malay royal belt buckle, and looks majestic from afar.
It is located strategically on top of a hill, and faces the lakes at Putrajaya. This area is also a photographer's heaven with its stunning vistas.
PICC is also has a meeting and main hall, with state of the art facilities. It is a popular venue for conferences, meetings and exhibitions for local and international events.


Putrajaya lake is in the heart of the administration city, and visitors can take a leisure cruise on the lake.
One can view stunning vistas of the surrounding area from the cruise, including the Putrajaya Mosque, Putrajaya Bridge as well as several government administrative buildings.
Visitors can opt to sail the lake on a passenger cruise boat, which is a great option in the day or spectacularly at night!
The air-conditioned cruise boat also seats 76 persons comfortably, and one can see the landmarks of Putrajaya via its wrap-around glass windows.


The pink-domed Putra Mosque is constructed with rose-tinted granite and can accommodate 15,000 worshippers at any one time. The basement wall of the mosque resembles that of the King Hassan Mosque in Casablanca, Morocco.
The mosque consists of three main functional areas - the prayer hall, the Sahn, or courtyard, and various learning facilities and function rooms. The prayer hall is simple and elegant, supported by 12 columns. The highest point below the dome is 250 feet above ground level.
The Sahn, landscaped with several decorative water features and bordered by colonnades, provides a huge yet welcoming and beautiful prayer space.
Its impressive minaret is influenced by the design of the Sheikh Omar Mosque in Baghdad. At 116m, it is one of the tallest minarets in the region and has five tiers, representing the Five Pillars of Islam.


Deemed to be the most important of the bridges in Putrajaya, the 435-m concrete bridge connects the Government Precinct to the Mixed Development Precinct, with the upper level of the bridge forming part of the Boulevard, the main street in the capital.
The three-tier bridge is inspired by the Islamic architecture of the famous Khaju Bridge in Isfahan, Iran. Its magnificent attractions are the four minaret-type piers, complete with observation decks, overlooking the Putrajaya Lake.


Putra Perdana is the Prime Minister's Department Complex housing several government buildings and agencies.
It is located on the main hill in Putrajaya, and was built in 1997. The buildings in the complex are incluenced by Malay, Islamic and European architecture, hence its unique look.


The Istana Kehakiman or Palace of Justice is a majestic looking building, and houses the judicial department and courts.
The complex comprises five-storey building for the judiciary and a two-storey building to house the courts and offices.


The biggest botanical garden in Malaysia, it covers an area over 92 hectares. The park is divided into three sections - flowers, ornamental plants and preservation/ research purposes.
The garden currently has more than 700 species of flowering plants, local plants as well as plants from the Asia-Pacific and Africa regions.
The area also serves as a research centre, with its multi-purpose collection. Kids will be delighted with the huge collection and exotic flowers, and educationists will be able to see many species of plants at the research centre.
There is also a Visitors' Interpretative Centre (VIC), explorer's trail, palm hill, sun and floral gardens for visitors wishing to experience more from the Botanical Garden.


Located at Precinct 16, Putrajaya. It emphasises the Malaysias agricultural background with commercial values.
Visitors can sample fresh fruits and observe activities such as rubber tapping, latex collection, crop maintenance, fruits preservation and many others.
Among the attractions here include the visitors' complex, an orchard, a herbs and spices track, clonal rubber plot and viewing deck.


The "Iron Mosque" features a district cooling system, and without assembly of fans or an air conditioning system. The mosque employs "Architectural Wire Mesh" imported from Germany and China, which is also constructed at the Santiago BernabĂ©u Stadium in Madrid, as well as the Bibliothèque nationale de France in Paris. 
The main entrance is reinforced with Glass Reinforced Concrete to increase the integrity of the structure and uses fine glass to create an illusion of a white mosque from afar.


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